Michele – Independent Designer

Hello. My name is Michel Touchberry. I’m an independent master designer in Vogue Hair Salon.

You can reach me to set up an appointment at 770-519-9661

Diplomas and accomplishments:

  • Logics Certificate of Excellence
  • Certified Keratin Complex 2014
  • Certified Peter Coppola Keratin Complex 2014
  • Sale distributor for Halo Couture Extensions
  • Sale Distributor for Obliphica Hair Products
Collen O’Hare Beauty Academy Logics International Conference
Powell Hair Designing Techniques Platform Artist /Educator and PON International Team
Platform Artist/ Educator Paul Brown Hair Straitening Infomercials PON International Advance Academy Course Advance Hair Cutting and Styling
RekDen Master Colorist Comprehension Course at Exchange NY RedKen Master Fusion Colorist Program at Exchange NY
Redken Educator for Malys Platform Artist/Educator for Giatano’s Artistic Hairdressing Academy
Michael Cole Course for Salon Professionalism Brazilian Blowout 2014

Call us to make an appointment (678) 585-4532